Construction Career Fairs

Minority Construction Council, in conjunction with Energize Connecticut, Connecticut Department of Transportation and Connecticut Construction Industries Association; inviting exhibitors to the Construction Career Fairs.


Seeking Exhibitors with opportunities for Jobs, Internships and Job Shadowing.


Seeking the following Trades: Architecture, Bioenvironmental Technology, Carpentry, Electrical, Energy Efficiency, HVAC, Masonry, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Facility Maintenance, Weatherization, Construction Managers & General Contractors.


*Exhibitors are responsible for bringing their own equipment (table, chairs, table cloth, items etc.) There will be no electrical hookup for exhibitors.

*A boxed lunch will be provided to all Exhibitors.

If you are interested in participating in the Construction Career Fair as an Exhibitor, please complete the registration form below.

  CONSTRUCTION CAREER FAIR – TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2024 | 9:00am – 12:30pm

Host School: W.F. Kaynor Technical High School
Host Location: 43 Tompkins Street, Waterbury, CT 06708

  CONSTRUCTION CAREER FAIR – THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2024 | 9:00am – 12:30pm

Host School: A.I. Prince Technical High School
Host Location: 401 Flatbush Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106

For more information about the Construction Career Fairs, contact the MCC office 860.882.0675 or via email